We are located on the 35th floor of Marunouchi Building in famous business district of a city just in front of Marunouchi side of JR Tokyo station. You will enjoy our dishes which match the sophisticated and historical Marunouchi in the open-plan floor 180 meters above the ground with a delightful outlook. We burn candles instead of lights at night so you enjoy the night view. There are 68 seats. A private room for 4 to 8 guests and a semi-private room for 16 to 20 guests. We hope you spend a wonderful time with lively cooking sound and delicious smell from the open kitchen.

  • ・Premium seats: ¥1,100 (tax included) per person only for dinner time, which includes reserved window table charge ・Lunch ¥1,650~ (tax included) ・Dinner course ¥11,000~ (tax included)
  • ・All seats are no smoking・Please order vegetarian or vegan menu when you make a reservation.