We take pride in being a pioneer of Japanese-style Italian cuisine and serve specialty dishes with joy and fun. It’s been for 20 years since we first opened RISTORANTE HiRo in Aoyama and now there are 4 restaurants in Tokyo and 1 restaurant in Osaka. 5 chefs in 5 different restaurants serve you their unique dishes in 5 characteristic locations. The fresh seasonal produce and the essence of Italian spirit make our dishes more delicious with nice surprise. The menu and the number of seats vary according to each restaurant and you can select a restaurant to suit your purpose and budget. We are looking forward to meeting you and hope that RISTORANTE HiRo will become one of your favorite restaurants.


Ristrante HiRo CO., Ltd. CEO Hiromi Yamada

Born in Shizuoka, 1972
Since Kazushige met Mr. Hiromi Yamada, a pioneer of Italian cuisine in Japan, they have been working together at restaurants in Tokyo and Kanagawa. Kazushige was involved with the start-up of Ristorante HiRo Co., Ltd in 1995 as a member. He worked as a general manager at the first restaurant opened in Daikanyama, then after that, he was assigned to be a board member in the office at the first restaurant in Marunouchi Building. He became President and Chief Executive Officer in 2006. He still visits other HiRo restaurants every day to work as a service person to improve the restaurants. We will continue to offer updates of Kazushige Yamaguchi and Ristorante HiRo on Facebook.